Technical service maintenance

Technical service  maintenance

   Technical service maintenance is a repair or other actions, needed for renewal and/or support of equipment performance and good condition in the period of its life cycle after the termination of product warranty liabilities, also the equipment repair in cases that fall outside the product warranty liabilities.

Сервис   In order to carry out all types of repair of gas boilers and its service, the special knowledge and rich experience are needed. Besides, it is impossible to organize this important and labor-consuming process without special equipment.

   Gas boilers are related to the category of higher fire and explosion safety because they work on one of the most potentially dangerous fuels. Therefore, after the gas boilers acquiring, it is not recommended to undertake such responsibility and carry out refitting, repair or service independently. Nobody will do this work better than professionals. We provide a complete service and technical maintenance, repair services, and also all scale of works, needed for the high-quality and fully valid functioning of gas boilers of different configuration and different producers.

Equipment commissioning

   Works on equipment commissioning are free of charge for customers. The travel costs of the Service Center specialist (SC) to the object where the heating equipment is installed, for equipment commissioning, are coved by the consumer. The Service Center is eligible to refuse the consumer in equipment commissioning in case if there is no allowance documentation, required in accordance to Ukrainian legislation and self-governance bodies regulations, and the detection of violations in the refitting process, marked in the product passport.

List of works that the Service Center specialist has to perform during equipment commissioning:

  • refitting validity check, in obedience to the recommended factory schemes – producer and acting Ukrainian legal requirements;
  • gas connections leak test, pressure measuring;
  • validity check of combustor discharge disposals and work of positive pressure ventilation;
  • validity check of gas pressure on a gas-burner and its regulation if needed;
  • boiler installation and its performance check in the modes of heating and hot water warming;
  • providing briefing to the consumer or his/her authorized person on the basic rules of exploitation and safety rules;
  • Drafting of the Technical standards and safety act during equipment commissioning.

   Fulfillment of equipment commissioning certificate. It is worth to take into account that the organization, which commissioned the equipment, in future carries the guarantee liabilities above the equipment owner.

Annual technical service

   Annual technical service (ATO) is a scheduled preventive maintenance, which is required by the equipment warranty terms, has to be conducted at least once per year (after completion or before the beginning of heating season) by the SC qualified specialists in order to check equipment validity for safety, economy, and functionality reasons.
Annual technical service includes cleaning of all boiler details, automation adjustment and gas-burner control. In case of the detection of faults in boiler work and no opportunity of its redevelopment, these details are replaced.

Procedures at annual technical service:

  • To clean up a boiler in case of dust or contaminant pollution;
  • To check up the state of heat exchangers and hot water supply.
  • If the heat exchangers require the chemical cleaning, inform the owner.
  • To prove that a working gas-burner does not have internal contaminations;
  • To check up the state and performance of starting electrodes and ionization electrodes;
  • Boiler validity checks in winter and summer modes;
  • To check up the automation of safety on a working boiler, including the cases of overheat, backdraught, and disappearance of flame.
  • To check up nitrogen working pressure in expansion tank and, if needed, to reinstate to the necessary level;
  • To check up the maximal total capacity;
  • To check up automatic air eliminators and preventively relief valve;
  • To check up the sensor of water shortage;
  • To check up the performance of circulator pump and three-way valve;
  • To check up the parameters of the sensors of NTC line of heating and HWS line;
  • To check up gas pressure and adjust gas automation;
  • To fill in the Act on completion annual technical service.

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